About us

Verde Otaared 

I began my SL adventure in 2006 and have been more intrigued by SL every day. I love fashion, of course, that goes without saying. But I also love to see all the creative expressions in SL including the architecture, landscaping, art, performance, and other unexpected things. I love how open most people are to talk you and share their views. I have a passion for photography. Part of the motivation for starting this blog was to get me to take more photos.

Piedmont Cartauld

My journey in SL happened in January 09. I am a musician, artist, builder, and explorer. Throughout my time I have gathered the thrill of seeing new innovations and have been curious about how to finesse SL to appeal to my taste and growing desire to see this world improve aesthetically in all areas. I hope to find more avenues with this blog to help report and discuss the lighter more artistic and diverse elements we have created in this dimension.

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