Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LOTD January 5, 2016


LOTD20160105_010pWhat Verde is wearing:
Hair – Oceana_Ombre – elua
Hands – Elegant – SLink
Skin – Summerv3 – Glam Affair
Eyes – Summer – Blue Blue Sky – Poetic Colors
Dress – Jackie O Style Dress – Vintage
Shoes -Gladiator Sandals (Brown) – GABRIEL
Earrings – A Stone’s Throw – Loordes of London from – The Wash Cart Sale
Ring – Eternity Bridal Set – EarthStones

Monday, January 4, 2016

LOTD January 4, 2016

Hair - Honeydew - !Oleander
Hands - Elegant - SLink
Skin - Summerv3 - Glam Affair
Eyes - Summer - Blue Blue Sky - Poetic Colors
Eyeshadow - Smoke in Everest - cheLLe
Dress - Houndstooth Dress - !TB
Shoes - MESH Distressed Heels - DECO
Necklace - The Magician Arcana Necklace - CoLLisions
Pose prop - Fence - GLITTERATI

Sunday, January 3, 2016

LOTD – January 2, 2016

One goal for this year is to try blogging again. Since I am just beginning, I thought sitting at home by the tree still in my pajamas was appropriate.

What Verde is wearing:
Hair [e] Brooklyn - Caramel
Skin Glam Affair - Summer v3 - America
Woman's Footed Onesie - Winter prints from - The Wash Cart Sale
Eyelashes - Cake

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It has been a while since I blogged and I am just crawling back into it trying to get it going again!! I have been shopping and getting some new clothes out there and found Electric Feel. This store by Elctri Tailorman is filled with high quality low linden suits/outfits. I was pleased to see the cost of "Fat Packs" to be very reasonable and carried up to 4 different suits entirely per fatty! There are formal suits with ties, suits with just shirts, all textured extremely nice and priced. The store itself has lots of other casual wear, biker type clothes, and more formal outfits. Please check out the good at this spot and enjoy getting some milage out of your linden!

 Shoes are Gabriel. Short Wing-tipped.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gold Pimpin

I had some fun throwing together this new look and made it into a pimpin style outfit. The jacket is from Faster Pussycat, The hair and musical hairbase is KMADD. I love the textures on the jacket and of course have a few but the Mandala tie puts it all together for me. Forget the shirt and let it go 80's style! That is the feeling I have with this outfit, a bit of the 80's but definitely pimipin!

Pie 3

Shape - Own
Skin - Prodigal -  Kai Medium
Hands - Shelly Laufer
Eyes - PC  - Jaded Wet Sand
Hair - MADesigns - TAKEYO
Hairbase - MADesigns - Music is my life
Jacket - Faster Pussycat- Freddie
Pants - Faster Pussycat - Elvis Baggies
Shoes - Monso - My Studded Oxfords
Gold necktie - Mandala -  Takayama
Ear/Face pierce - Mandala - Piercings gold
Tattoo - Ink'd Up- Ducasse

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gabriel Goodies

I love it When I get to a store that has new clothes or items that I have not seen before. I was very happy to get to Gabriel and find a host of clothing and assessories that I have not seen before and that work for my personal style. The Pea Coat comes with a sweater that is color change, the pants are sold separately but have boots that come with the pants that are well built and does away with the struggle of finding the right shoe that doesn't bleed through clothes! The glasses are also from Gabriel and are very well designed. I took pictures in our new Fanatik build. It has a Warehouse feel but will be our gallery and hopefully will be filled soon!

Piedmont is wearing:
Skin - Prodigal - Kai
Hands - [Cheerno] - Relaxed
Hair - INK - Against
Beard - Unorthodox  - Full Beard
Coat - Gabriel ::GB:: - Bicolor P Coat
Pants - Gabriel ::GB:: - Boots in Pants
Boots - Gabriel ::GB::Shearling Short Boots
Glasses - Gabriel ::GB:: - Leather Cover Sun Glasses

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rocking at Musiclandia

I found a great sim last week at my favorite early morning punk show hosted by Milton Nightfire and Kookie Hax. The traveling punk review was at the Musiclandia sim and it gave me a chance to go explore! It is true art work in the celebration of music. A grand piano that is a type of centerpiece made of brick and at least three stories tall. The inside of the open lid piano is the dance floor and stage area. But this is just the beginning! I recommend you go explore for yourself as the sim has a limited lifetime. I decided to get Pie in a shot there just to use the amazing interactive sim as a backdrop, and to plug this sim! Go visit and enjoy!
Grand Piano Stage at Musiclandia
Huge Grand Piano Stage I am in the view here! See me?
At Musiclandia
On the violin
Beach at Musiclandia
At the beach. Great ground textures too.

Piedmont is wearing:

Skin - Prodigal - Kai
Shape own
Hair  - INK - AGAINST -Brown/Hairbase
Eyes - PC  - Wet sand
Tank - REDRUM - Dia De Los Muertos
Pants - 22769 - Chinos light brown
Shoes -  2Real -  Low Cuttlerz
Bracelet Right Hand- Mandala - Sinra, Samurai Blacl
Watch -Mandala - Simple chain SITENNOAH
Necklace - Mandala - Dogtags gold
Face Pierce - Mandala - Gold
Tat-Ink'd Up  - Ducasse