Monday, January 3, 2011


As a musician I had an interest in seeing what designers came close, fell short to the real thing when it came to instruments. As a guitar and bass player I looked mostly in this area and did a bit in the brass instrument section as well. GCD Megastore provided the best looking and modifiable guitars with added semi-realistic animations. The craftsmanship is wonderful, the drawback is a 39 to 43 prim guitar, which when we wear it does not add to our land, but displaying these beautiful instruments can add up.
The Guitar Palace,Streams is another great place to pick up any musical instrument. Brass, woodwind, string all have sound and animations and a high quality instrument any musician that is afraid to look like he is playing a guitar made for a Muppet will appreciate! I have a few hanging at the house from both mentioned places and get many compliments for the entire collection.

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