Saturday, January 1, 2011

New beginnings

Our wedding
Photo by Rex Requiem
Pie and I have decided to do a blog together for the new year, 2011. The previous year was very good to us. We rented some land together and moved in together, then we got engaged, and finally we got married on December 12th, 2010. Our SL is intertwined. So far we have been mostly having fun with friends, exploring and learning. This year we have some higher aspirations. I want to do some more writing and get my back to my photography. Pie.... well he can tell you himself but I think he wants to do more building.

So what will this blog focus on? Well, I guess the types of things we like. There will be fashion, because we both like to shop and dress. There will be lots of photos because we both have fun creating images. I think we will chronicle our Second Lives and our creative explorations. We may even recruit a few more people to help out. One thing for sure, we will do what we enjoy and what makes our hearts sing.
Happy New Year, Welcome 2011


  1. Good luck to you on this new venture, Verde. The blog looks great and, so do you, Mrs. C. Congrats!