Monday, December 10, 2012

More from Dura-boy

I have been on a Dura-boy run here with my avatar hair for the past three weeks and just keep finding that the hair is quality enough for me to explore colors that I normally do not use. Using different windlight in the new Firestorm download has made taking pictures in the camera mode a real experiment in shades, shadows, and textures. My eye could not settle on what was best but tried to accent the look as best possible.

Relaxing before going out.

The outfit and avatar is:

Hair - Dura-Boy **09 Spice
Beard - Valiant & Sacred 2.0 Beard V1
Tat - F&Gz Lucky mofo (Credo at Marketplace)
Watch - ONE GRID
Eyes - ID Deep Colors Brown
Skin - Logo Tristan Pale
Pants - Redgrave Smoker
Bracelet and Necklace - Bostonian Limited
Hands - [Cheerno] Mesh
Shirt - [NerdWear] CBGB
Earring - Bajoran earring
Boots - ::db:: Mesh

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