Thursday, March 28, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Interview with Hezzy Veeper

DJ Hezzy Veeper 

I have been to a few of Hezzy's sets at The Social Scene, AAI,  and The Velvet and never have a so-so time. Hezzy's energy comes through as hard as her Avi is dancing (and that is usually with fury!). If you want to see and hear what I mean come out to The Social Scene, AAI, or take a shot at the Velvet to see and hear Hezzy's energetic sets!

Are you DJing currently and where? Yes. I am currently at Alternative Indie Music, a fill in at the Velvet and I’m a regular at The Social Scene. 

When did you start DJing? Almost 2 years now. 

First Club? The Fiend, and The LifeStone. The Lifestone which is still around today holds the biggest place in my heart. The two owners Ched & Koto took me in like a family and built The LifeStone so I would always have a place to spin. I owe my gratitude to them both. 

Hezzy Looking Dragon Tattooish
Most unusual thing you saw while DJing? A DJ friend of mine rezzed a pile of panties at one of the clubs I was DJing at and had partially everyone in attendance burying themselves into the pile.  

Favorite music? I tend to be all over the musical map. 

Influences? My Mom & Dad were my biggest influences. My Dad was a classical guitarist & my Mom was a pianist so I grew up surrounded with all forms and types of music. 

What do you listen to at home? Pretty much anything from the Blues, The Classics, Punk Rock, Pronto Punk, Garage rock, Postpunk & assorted genres. When inworld i dig listening to DJ Dexy spin punk, DJ Makoto for early powerpop, DJ SisterMoon for Mod & Garage Rock & DJ Torie for some classic blues.

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set? I just wing it. For me that tends to bring a freshness & energy to my sets that can't be captured when parparing an advance set.  

When can we hear you DJ usually? Alternative Indie music, Thursday 1-3pm slt, The Social Scene Sat 8-10pm slt 

Cream and sugar or black? Cream mainly but on occasions black depending on how well I make the coffee. 

Cat or Dog? Dog for protection, Cat for the mice.  

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it? Not a thing. I prefer keeping real life and second life separate from each other, so there isn't one thing i would bring from my inventory into real life.

Thank You Hezzy for Interviewing and get out to hear for yourself how energetic her sets are!

Pohotography by Verde Otaared/Piedmonmt Cartauld

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