Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Masumi Desade

The Monochromatic DJ Masumi Desade

DJ Masumi Desade is relatively new to the scene yet is making an impact. If you read her schedule you will see what I mean. To hear what I mean you need to come out to the Hanky Panky Room on Thursdays or follow the many notices in world to places like the Legion Project to get to check out one of SL's freshest DJ's. I am always caught up in the beats she is dropping, the system at home gets a workout as I feel the need for volume!!!

Here is what Masumi said...

Are you DJing currently and where?  I will be djing shortly. I am starting a regular set at HPR on Thursdays at 9slt. Other places are in no particular order and pretty random: Sugar Tits, The Crow, Suntory Time, Vintage VinylRecords, Legion and The Chest Rockwell Suite. Actually typing that all out  made me realize how often I hop around. It's fun tho!  

When did you start DJing? In late August or so. I was at one of Darn's sets and we came up with the idea of a Black and White Baller's Ball and that I should DJ, cause I often like to dress mono-chromatically.   

First Club? The Crow  

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing? I honestly don't know, weirdness in SL is so subjective. I'm willing to bet that I'm one of the most unusual things at my sets.  

Favorite music? Hip hop is my biggest love. But I play a lot of EDM type genres. ALL sorts of house, electro, trap, moombah, dubstep.   

The artistic avatar Masumi

Influences? Same as above? I don't play anything I don't love. Or am I supposed to name some favorites here? Okay, current Top Five Artists for Masumi Desade: 1. Roksonix (I'm seeing them soon!) 2. Bro Safari (Him too!) 3. Kaytranada (I wish!) 4.  Prof (Have a few times) 5.  Nicolaas Jaar (Someday!)  

What do you listen to at home? Same as above. My nephews love dancing around to bassy things and my sister always comes to me for new music, so we have agreeable tastes! There is such harmony in that.  

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set? Every week I typically have 2 fresh sets, and then if I play more than twice a I'll rehash a set from some of my favorites from past and present sets.  

When can we hear you DJ usually? Thursday - Sunday seems to be my more regular nights. After 6-7SLT too  

Cream and sugar or black? I like it equal parts milk and coffee.  

Cat or Dog? Anything cuddly that will love me is fine.  

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it? I really like what Lolo said about having the inventory itself, so maybe something like that. Or the clawfoot tub I just spent too much for. Life is so lovely with a clawfoot tub.  

Best SL Memory? When my beautiful friends Meesha, Unhe and I had a reservation at a SL 'restaurant' for Valentine's Day. We got service and everything. The waitress had a very graphic talking pregnancy hud or something. 

Thanks for the great insightful interview Masumi. Please do yourself a favor and get out to hear Masumi DJ, she loads up the beats and drops fresh tunes all over the place as you see!

Photography by Pie Cartauld

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