Friday, May 24, 2013

69 Park Ave

One of the coolest finds for me at Menswear Fashion Week this year was 69 Park Ave. I bought several mesh suits, and tuxes that wear well and look extremely classy to boot. The boutonniere comes optional rez on all the suits I bought.  Adding some good dress shoes that do not cut through mesh, maybe some facial hair, are really all that is needed here. I shot these pics on location at the The Mercury Room and Owls Hollywood Hootery. Owl Sweetwater has a classy, magnificent ballroom and lounge that is a great mock-up to the early 20th century Art Deco period and has quite an elegant jazzy feel as you move through the build. It is a great location for pictures and believe me I have a few more outfits to post from there coming up directly.

-Piedmont is Wearing:


Skin - Prodigal Kai Medium
Hair - Dura - Dura-Boy *43 Brown/Dark brown hair base
Facial Hair - Aphotic Gloom - Stache #3 Thickness
Eyes - PC  - Jaded Eyes - Wet Sand


Tuxedo (Entire suit/pants/shirt) - 69 Park Ave - Monte Carlo (Mesh)
Shoes - [*RG*]  Redgrave - Cowboy Loafers Black

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