Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wastelands

As I flew around the Wastelands and saw the apocalyptic sim I felt an urge to keep going and exploring. I saw a giant fissure in the ground opening up before me and the detail grabbed me as SL sights often do. Neobokrug Elytis built a great fissure aptly named "The Great Fissure". I had to stop and snap some shots of a new outfit I got at Yasum, some Hair Fair hair I just bought from KMADD, and some other accessories. Here is the shoot.

The Great Fissure

Piedmont is wearing:
Skin - Labyrinth - Sliver Skin
Shape - JLB - Jon (Modified with my face)
Hair - MADesigns -  Lance Black
Hair Base - Fruk - Black
Chest Hair - Eddesign - Hairy Look 7
Hoodie/Pants/Shoes - Yasum - Rock Steady Outfit (Mesh)
Glasses - Villena - Double Frame Round
Chest Tattoo - Nasty Tatts - Eagle With Flag
Face Tattoo - Tyson Face tattoo
Chest Piercings - Pekka - Unisex Piercing
Ear Piercings - Pekka - Cracker
Necklace - Just for You Jewels - No Stress
Chin Spikes - Ellabella - Molten

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