Monday, August 12, 2013

The New Z&A Coffeehouse-Art Studio

The New Z&A Coffeehouse-Art Studio was completed this weekend by owners and designers Alana Onyett and Zoidyn Kytori and what can I say but bravo! The estate sim should by all rights be in SL Destinations because of its pure natural beauty and ethereal appearance.  The pictures I am posting are only a hint and do not truly capture the essence of the new build. I spent some quality time there dancing at the outside stage for a sim-opening party with a few of the DJs that are on the normal schedule there and what a "grand opening" it was. There is a zip-line there that "zips" you across a big gully and plenty of greenery and tall luscious mountains off sim to look at. I have to say the textures on the cliffs are incredible on the sim where one may find themselves climbing and soaring around! Hats off to Zoidyn and Alana for taking their time with an artistic and extremely eye-friendly build! I had to make myself look like Jungle Jim for this to be as rugged as the terrain!!

Z&A Coffeehouse - Art Studio
Z&A Coffeehouse - Art Studio
Z&A Coffeehouse - Art Studio
Piedmont is wearing:
Skin - Prodigal - Kai Medium
Shape - Own
Eyes - PC  - Java Blast
Entire Suit - Deco - Foliage
Hat - Deco - Boonie Cap
Boots - Deco - Jump Boots - Dirt
Tats - B*Fly - Good/Bad Girl Mesh

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