Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SING.......The Summer Sim

The beauty of having four parcels split with really like-mined people is there is a nice continuity on the sim. I started renting a parcel with my wife and her friends on Seahorse Isle and soon got to see that one bad neighbor could upset the flow and look of the sim. Our covenant wanted the sim to look the same and not too much terra-forming. Our neighbor made what looked like a giant purple chess set that destroyed the beauty that we had envisioned. After speaking to the landlords the tenant left and I took over the rental on that parcel. Above is what we all did.
We formed a group called SING that stands for: Seahorse Isle Neighbors Group. We dance together, have holidays together and even had a wedding together this last year.
Renting in SL can be fun, finding the right people for neighbors is key to having a great look and great times on the properties.

Above:Peacock Cove (left)
The reef on Peacock Cove (middle)
The parcels in summer (right)

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