Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fall Sim

When we grew tired of our summer look, the neighbors of the SING group spoke about a possible change of season sim. Verde and I planned to do a Halloween look and tried to keep the appearance to a detail of Autumn. Our neighbors Clark and Dulcie did the same.

I put a babbling brook on our once palm-treed parcel, Verde used Linden trees that would give us a low prim detail tree. We also rezzed a new house that seemed to fit the look.

On our neighboring parcel once called Parrot Key, we made a spooky yet real feeling Vulture Key. I found some corn that I covered an area with, a low prim yet nicely textured house, a barn, and I assembled a grave yard under Verde's direction and taste. We both had great fun shopping at this time of year and had some extra add-on pieces by the time our neighbors decided to have a group Halloween party. A rusty windmill, a water tower and a pool filled with blood rounded off the parcel I had the most fun with till that point!
Changing the Sim with the seasons has been great fun. Building and shopping for items was equally as fun for Verde and I.

Top pic: Peacock Cove in Fall
Middle: The view from Vulture Key to Peacock Cove
Bottom: The scary house and water tower on Vulture Key

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  1. Great job, Pie. I love these SING seasonal samplers -- lol. Don't forget my hayride and Clark's pumpkin house which was fun for our Halloween party, and I think we had the pirate party around this time, too. Thanks for sharing the memories.