Friday, January 14, 2011

The Winter Sim

The winter on the Seahorse Islands has brought a new look. Clark found a great raw file and we have some control of our terrain, I got a new set of off sim surround mountains that will change with the seasons. (some of the textures are lame...other are striking!)
It took some planning and trust, but the group has come together and made a very palatable winter Sim. There is flow and continuity now and no wasting valuable prims to make winter look like winter on a sandy beach terrain!
Our group has begun to gel an go beyond the boundaries a bit to create what has been our best look to date. I believe we are getting good at this hope the pictures are proof this group has class and great style. What a remarkable time it is creating in this world.
I have a feeling all the winter animals will soon be available to view in this blog, there are so many animated animals on the sim that it deserves its own post!

Pictures: All pictures are of the winter sim on Seahorse Island.

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