Friday, February 4, 2011

LOTD: Panel shirts for men

Different Styles of Panel Shirts
I like the look these shirts give the avatar in SL. I can be a rocker, or just suit up in a panel shirt and go dancing. The casual look and the rock 'n' roll look are all quite fashionable in RL and in SL. I have several flavors of these manly shirts and love sporting the look, even in all flames!

The Avatars' above are all wearing different styles of panel shirts and you can see they all have a different feel. I personally like the freedom and expression these shirts add to the outfit and always look for places to shop for nicely detailed shirts like these. I am listing the stores where I found these shirts and hope you will check them out to upgrade your look, and your wardrobe!

Hell Bop- Panel shirts
Artilleri- Panel Shirts
RocX- Flame pants
Kalnins   -  Shoes  
Redgrave- Shoes, Skins Shapes
Tellaq- Skins, shapes
Madesigns- Hair, Eyes

Modeling by - Marc Enimo

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