Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wildlife on the Sim

In the summer, I had a great time shopping for, and building a realistic coral reef. As a person that is a salt-water-fish enthusiast and a snorkel nut, I am quite familiar with the species. So the reef was quite interesting and yes, Jaws did show up!

Now that we are into a frigid winter, the sim needed some wildlife. This seems to be becoming my trademark as in fall, I had a giant turkey vulture, and a huge brown owl. So the winter needed some wildlife and off to the stores I went. Not being a fan of the "static pose" one prim poster animal, I decided to look and make the choices fitting of our efforts on the sim. Here is what I found.

Animals on the Sim

 The animals on the left are from Sculpty Creation Animals. This store is absolutely amazing, the animals are life-like and low prim. All the animals shown in this blog are animated and move in a realistic manner. The price is within range for the design and quality of the product. I love flying around the sim watching or sneaking up as if I am in the wild myself and spying on these animals in their natural setting.

Pictured above are mountain goats, elk, white tail deer, albino deer, a squirrel, and a chipmunk. I have strategically placed these critters around the sim to appear as if they are roaming free. These animals do not roam around, they have movement and are still until you come withing 10 meters. It is amazing how some wildlife can add a bit of realism to the sim.

More Sim Animals!

There are even off-sim floating polar bears, and a seal Island with a few seals moving in place. The seals are on an island and are discernible to the viewer at even the lowest graphic setting. The snow owl in this picture is from Animania. If you like birds, you will LOVE this place. Animania has much more than birds, but this is by far their best animal. I had a bird aviary (for my Verde of course!) on Parrot Key in the summer and most of the birds came from this place. There are many free roaming, and a few that are perched and fly in a circle that is set in the menu by the owner.

The bald eagle shown in this picture is a free-roaming type that stays on your parcel, it is sculpty and is around 20 prims. This beauty comes from Glowing Heights. This is a great little shop that has quite a few different species of animal, all look the part. The menu allows you to rez 1 to 5 birds at a time, I only rez 2 at a time to keep the look real. Look closely at this bird and please go in-world to see it, you will want it.

Browny and Off-Sim Seal Island
The brown bear pictured above has a trout in its mouth that appears after he bobs his head up and down looking for a fish in front of him. The fish appears in his mouth after a few bobs! It is a real riot to watch, and prompted me to put a few free roaming trout in the area of this browny!  The off-sim seal island is also pictured here. I put a few seals on the bank inland to add a realistic feel. These guys are big and they are animated as well, both pictured animals are from Sculpty Creation Animals.

Check out the wildlife at these stores, it feels like a trip to the zoo for me! I cant wait till spring, I am already plotting and planning the return and addition of a few more critters!


  1. Very, cool, Pie. The wildlife definitely adds something to the sim, makes it more natural and appealing at the same time. I'm glad you have fun with it because you do a great job.

  2. I love all the animals you have on the sim. It makes it feel like a real place. There is always something to see around the corner.