Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You like detail? You like Yachts?

I appreciate a fine looking product, even nicely detailed clothing or a textured couch is not for women alone. I look for skins and hair the same way, I am most willing to pay for detail and texture, especially with my last summer habit...Yachts!

The Gollette- from Star Bay

This boat, The Gollette, is from Star Bay Marine. I hope you can see what exact detail Star Bay delivers to us, the consumer, a quality product and a great boat to drive around the sim. This boat took some time to manage but is worth the sailing lesson. The Gollette comes in a furnished and unfurnished version, the prim count is reasonable.

Star Bay has changed some of their yachts since I bought these boats in the summer. I really like their fleet and have a few  gems from this marina. The Atlantis is a higher prim yacht that actually has a decent flyable helicopter along with the package. The helicopter is optional, it stays on the bow of the boat and can be used or not. The boat has a color change hud to allow some tweaks.There is a nice dancing room with a bar, and a grand state room below with another entertainment deck.

The Atlantis- Star Bay

The Atlantis is a great party boat. It is not drivable, but lends a grand quality yacht to the scenery.  I had this boat rezzed for some time during the summer and fully appreciate the texture and build.

The Super Dolphin - Star Bay
The Super Dolphin is a great, sleek yacht that is undrivable, but has a truly authentic look outside and inside. There is a great top deck, a room for dancing and entertaining, and a lower deck with a master suite that is cozy and formal. The textures are rich and the build is impressive. This size boat can sometimes look like a shoe-box in SL, not this one! This boat is a beauty and has plenty of room to cam on the inside (one of my pet peeves for boats!!).

The Aurora - Emerald Boats and Yachts
The last boat I am writing about (although I have many more I would love to show!) is The Aurora. This is from Emerald Boats and Yachts. I highly recommend a trip to this marina to see their fleet, quite impressive. The Aurora has a working movie theater and a splendid deck that is textured with realistic detail. The furniture on board has poses that make you look and feel natural. I look for furniture and items WITHOUT pose balls just because it interrupts the look and flow of the item, and it is just lazy. Take the time to put a script in, we will figure it out!

Please visit these sites and have fun showing off your toys! Where else can one have twenty houses in their inventory, a fleet of 20 yachts, and more toys than Donald Trump! In SL of course!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Your love of your boats really comes through in this post. :)