Monday, January 17, 2011

The Log Home

SculptyWorks Log Cabin on Seahorse Island

After shopping around on Marketplace, and visiting several of their recommended log cabins, Verde and I came up with a very simple log home that was just enough for the both of us. It was simple, and nicely texture. Of course...I derezzed it and got a three-story log home made by SculptyWorks

The Cabin is 115 prims unfurnished for 3000L. Furnished is 225 prims and 7000L. I got the unfurnished version and was allowed for the first time to furnish it. Of course Verde was out ill and entrusted me not to hang Black Sabbath posters or turn it into a man cave, so I did what I think is a "couple friendly" job.

I extended the back porch to accommodate our jacuzzi and was able to light the place up with great low prim nicely texture Victorian posts from Abiss Lighting.

The Cabin is cozy and nuzzled in a prime spot on Seahorse, I love flying around it and looking at its beauty. I am satisfied and hope that the desire to derezz does not overtake me until springtime, when Seahorse takes another new look and Verde and I look to adapt our look to our setting!

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  1. I saw it today. It's wonderful. You guys have super taste and make the neighborhood shine. Love your animals and winter creatures, too. The penguin trio are now at home by my igloo and making friends with my polar bears.