Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Sim..The 50's Look

The spring sim has sprung! Verde and I discussed doing a retro look in the spring and we got busy as soon as the snow melted! The surround sim mountains bloomed in fresh green, our Linden trees are set to spring, and Verde and I set to put the "Bomp she bomp she bomp" to life!

50's house 
Our house was found on Marketplace, the Slurl does not work though, the sim is empty. The house is mod, copy, and134 prims. Its a decent build that we found needed some slight construction, worth it because we loved the look so much.

Living room

 We found great retro furniture and stores all over SL and put together a nice, real feeling 50's home. The sofa came from LP2 furniture.
The TV and most of the trimmings in the house are from Artillerie. Artilleri has so many great items to chose from, the detail is amazing, but so is the prim count at times! Be careful!

The Kitchen is also mostly from Artilleri. The light fixture came from a place called % furniture and Lighting. This place is awesome, it has wallpaper and other items for a retro build that are done in the correct fashion, quite affordable, and very detailed. We have two different light fixtures from this place and an old-fashioned glider on our porch that swings!

The Drive-In

We decided at the last minute to add an authentic working drive-in that has all the amenities! I got the sign on Marketplace and the Drive in at Eclectic Randomness. The Drive-in is actually a Horizon product. This was a great idea and a great build. There is a working playground fenced in that has many sit poses on, a projection booth and snack bar. It is 333 prims all total, but can be trimmed down as it is set up to be a sky box. Ours comes in at about 298 prims.

We have been enjoying the retro build this spring, and the fashion! I predict we will be doing a 50's fashion blog shortly as Verde and I have been ramping-up our wardrobe in this style as well! OK Daddy -O!


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  1. You guys have done it again with some great details to add a unique look to our sim. The Drive-In Theater is a cool touch, and the retro house and furnishings fit in with the 50's theme perfectly.