Friday, April 8, 2011

Unique Homes

Setting it up and tearing it down! Our 50's house and parcel have run its course and the new futuristic look took some time to research, but it is here. Looking at the numerous skyboxes/homes in our own inventory and finally setting out to look at some really great builders and architects in world, we made a very brave decision. Just look and see!

The Avenger
The Avenger is this wild door-knob, UFO feeling place that actually has a great layout inside. It comes in at 389 prims in its raw form or has a skybox version with an attached garden at around an additional 150 prims. The garden is futuristic looking too, but the individual trees are about 14 prims each, they are removable so that may be the up side. This house cost L2999 but is very spacious and not too hard to decorate. The rooms make sense inside and there is an inside garden that is the center courtyard to the house. This house and all the houses in this blog came from Hydro Homes.

The Corkscrew

The corkscrew is a long sinewy house that fits the term funky. I hope you can get an idea for its size by these pictures. This build comes in at 314 prims and also has an additional garden box that can attach for a skybox. It comes in at L2999 also, has tintable windows and is very roomy inside.

The Corkscrew/Profile
As you can hopefully see by the size of the avatars on the roof, this is quite a large build and is suggested for a 2048 parcel. Hydro homes makes several for 512, 1024, and 2048 size parcels.

Finally the Geodesic is a 177 prim build that comes with a cast of extras that includes wind turbines, greenhouses filled with vegetation, a shelter with a water purifier and a ton of great sculpty plants. It comes in at L1499 and was fun to check out and it will be fun to set up and use at some point. I took the wind turbines and you can see them in the first picture of The Avenger.

So if you want funky, please stop by Hydro Homes and see if they live up to their name, "Funky Modern Prefab Specialists". I spent at least an hour rezzing their builds just to see what they have done. Verde and I love these great builds and it inspires one to try new and bold things when considering shape and texture. SL is great for doing that and Hydro Homes has captured that spirit in its uniquely funky builds.

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