Monday, December 12, 2011

The New Cape Cod Sim

Now that there is an entire sim to terraform and set land files for, being estate manager has a bit more control, and there are more ideas of what to come just in that one department alone. For now, Verde has set me up with a Homestead sim to work while she was away on business, (I think it was to keep me busy and distracted!!) and we have decided to make it a Cape Cod setting this time . I am calling this setting Cape Verde and we have both had some great fun it rising this out of the ground.

View of Cape Verde

The Sim took a while to feel out as I have never had so much area to design and terraform, but that seemed to come with little effort. A beach popped up on a nice looking Cape Cod house with some dunes and a lighthouse that is actually from The Isle of Nantucket. One of the new sail boats got moored and some waves and granite were added for the naturalistic appeal. We put two houses on this sim as we found a designer named Painter Meriman. Please click his names and see the best houses built in world. Verde swears they are and I love them too!

Rose Cottage

The Rose Cottage is another fine build by Painter and is decorated in a great style by Verde. I am hoping she shows it off in this blog as she found some very detailed and inexpensive furniture that make the insides match the glory of the detail on the entire building.

The Sandpiper

The Sandpiper is a great house that is a one level dissected house that is as detailed as the Rose Cottage. The house has great animations and details that allowed Verde and I to decorate this build and trim it with some style. It was a challenge to match Painters detail, yet I believe Verde has. 

View with beautiful wind light

So far the experience of having an entire sim to mold has been a challenge, fun, and rewarding. We have been planning some future builds but this one is a very classy start to what I hope will be more interesting and challenging builds to come!

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