Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back to The Grind...

Early days, in the Samjogo skybox
It has been a while since I visited this blog and for the love of all the devoted followers and readers, I am back!! Ha! Verde and I have been very busy in RL and the blog has kind of set on the back burner. So this is a warm-up, just posting some pictures of us and getting the feeling I want to post on this blog again.
At the Bad Monkey

Verde and I have kept up with a homestead property after leaving Seahorse Island and recently gave that up as well. We are at the Chelsea Hotel as well as Verde's Linden home and our Skybox. We still go out together occasionally and and end up dancing together in RL and keep the club music in the background. Sl is great but when your partner is here, It is all about that!

Verde at The Chem Lab

Verde and I decided to build a club from scratch last year too. We decided to load it with all the things we both love. SOOOO. Verde is a scientist in RL so that meant we had a scientific theme. Strange for a club but fun to build molecules, lab equipment, microscopes, all of that from scratch. Sadly we were built and never used the building as a club, so that will have to be a future endeavor. The Lab was packed away in my inventory! So it is good to be back posting here and look for more blogging from the Grind.

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