Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday House

Hello friends!

Today we are taking you on a tour of our home, at least the winter holiday decor part of it. The showpiece is the beautiful house by Painter Merriman. That man can work magic. We love all his houses but this one may just be Verde's favorite. It makes her want to move to Belgium or at least visit Bruges one day.

Details - the House:

Bruges House – Painter Merriman – Painter Designs at the Canvas
Mesh Poinsettia – Terrashop Pink and Red
Living room Chairs/Couches - *****LISP
Tiny Christmas houses on coffee table - PILOT
9 drawer cabinet and lamp - *****LISP
NOEL sign, Wreath and candle on Mantle – The Loft
Postcard clipped on Mantle Lullaby Lantern by fireplace - *****LISP
Mini trees on Mantle –
Presents under Tree – >Akaesha Main Store {What Next }, Cheeky Pea
Christmas Tree - La' Licious~
Hot cocoa – {What Next }

Details - Landscape and Garden:

Outside garden walls, snowy shrubs, berry shrubs, Barrel of Poinsettias, Gazebo, fireplace and logs, - Architect Winter Designs
Illuminated tree (metal and otherwise) – Heart Illuminated trees
Whitetail deer – AAA Sculpty Creations Animals
Snowman - {What Next }

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  1. Looks awesome. I'd love to visit soon. It's great to see your blog up again. Good luck and Happy New Year!