Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Retro Feel

Once in a while I can get a look that draws some responses, well, favorable responses that is! I seem to put together a decent retro look that somehow feels a bit Glam-y. I like the Armidi glasses especially here and named this "British Retro" in my inventory outfits. Don't ask why....it just reminds me of a British look I saw in some bands around early 90's late 80's. The outfit is:

Shirt - RFyre Egoisme Alliance Blue
Pants – AOHARU Leather Biker Pants
Hair - .::MADesigns CARTER
Hair Base – Pelle – Basette
Hands – Shelly Laufer
Boots – Redgrave aviator boots black
Glasses – Armidi Gisaci – Fi Umo Sunglasses
Belt – RFyre Absolom studded belt

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