Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Interview with Wiseblood Wisent

DJ Wiseblood Wisent in his typical spot at The Velvet

I have heard Wiseblood several times at his "home court" at The Velvet and always get a good mix of what is going on in his head that day! For music lovers of all varieties, Wiseblood brings an eclectic mix of tunes and one way to hear is to show up Saturdays and check it out at The Velvet!

Are you DJing currently and where?  Aye, the fabulously eclectic Velvet, where music really does matter! *It ain't just a slogan* I can be found Saturdays @ 1pm PDT/SLT and fill-ins, also various events and themed occasions.  

When did you start DJing?  Must have been late '08 or early '09. A DJ I had met my first day in SL - Giuseppe Spicoli, we discovered fast we had similar tastes in "things audible" -  asked if I could do fill-ins while he was out of town.  

First Club?  Ah, the basketball court of the Suffugium sim. There was nothing particularly special about the "place" itself (the sim was a wonderful dystopia!), it was the people and wide variety of music that made it "home". Gaelic tales, spoken word, audio collage, noise et cetera, and to have contributed to that experience will always stay with me. The Suffugium basketball court has been unearthed in the Wastelands sim:  Suffugium  - 

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing?  Most unfortunate would be, of course, the sim crashing in the midst of a set. Unusual? Of all the strange things that can be done in SL, sometimes it's the most basic that stands out. Holiday time in Suffugium, I am the ridiculous Dancing DJ Christmas Tree diligently not playing "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer", and mention something random about snow. Gomi Mfume takes this simple comment and transforms the desolate basketball court into a beautiful... this:http://www.flickr.com/photos/11758189@N07/4267962328/in/photostream 

Favorite music?  I've always hated questions like this, because the quickest answers are either too open or too focused. I'd anticipate most people's "favorite" music is what they were listening to transitioning from child to adult - Barney won't likely see you through those breakups - and therein variety. Some broad specifics I've taken with me: Joe Jackson to Front 242, Steely Dan to Thomas Dolby, ABC to Foetus, Negativland to Style Council, Adam Ant to Kraftwerk.   - 

Influences?  Two different worlds: Classical music and Top 40. I've liked Bach and Beethoven since I have no idea, my father had a classical music collection. Even learned a little Beethoven on piano. Started paying attention to air play in the mid-70's, the first song I requested from a DJ was Cliff Richard's "Devil Woman". Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" and Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" were weekend staples.  - What do you listen to at home?  Crows. More often than I like. Oh! Musics, gotcha. For awhile now I've been stuck on the strangwaysradio.com's stream. By choice mind you! It's great to hear personal classics and the more recent works carrying that feeling, essence, attitude.  - 

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set?  No, though the thought has crossed my mind to put a BIG one together, that has groups of tunes that I could use as starting points. But that requires effort. =P And is not exactly your question's answer. I approach each set like the first one: "What the hell am I DOING?!"  - 

Cream and sugar or black?  Black. French Roast. Please. And thank you.  - 

Cat or Dog?  Do lab rats counts? No? Then dachshunds.  - 

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it?  My adorable cats I never have to feed or clean up after? The piano launcher to forever silence unruly children and their horrible parents? Ooo, the sea plane? Maybe the sea plane.... No, there's really only one practical, totally awesome, make your neighbors want to self-immolate when they see it, THING! KOPI's 300 RS (M-B 300SL) Gullwing. Sexy, '50's race car-inspired luxury, worth $1,000,000, sexy....  Yeah, that! 􀀀

Thanks for the great interview Wiseblood! Come out and hear Wiseblood at the Velvet!

Photo by Verde Otaared/PiedmontCartauld

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