Friday, April 19, 2013

Get ready for Menswear Fashion Week.....a sneak preview

Men get ready! If your girl is bugging you to dress better or if you have the desire to do so yourself, the tides are turning. SL is slowly becoming more stocked with attractive and relevant menswear that is really catching up to the amount and quality available for women.

Menswear Fashion Week starts April 19th and goes till the 27th. It's a week of shopping, epic parties, and shows, a whopping 29 shows to be exact all featuring top designers from around the grid. This is an AWESOME chance to go shop, interact, and see what designers are making available for men that like to dress to impress, or just want their avatar to look simply fine.

Eye on the Grind is happy to have model Paradox Messmer  display some of the fashion from Menswear Fashion Week. Here is a look at a very new outfit you can see there.
Paradox Messmer Giving us a sneak-peek at Shiki Designs

Great Mesh Texturing
Paradox Messmer will be modeling for Shiki Designs Saturday April 20th 4-5pm SLT. Come check the designs out.

The second outfit is from Faster Pussycat, the designer has new rock n' roll inspired designs coming out for Menswear Fashion Week. Faster Pussycat will have a fashion show on April 24th 4-5pm SLT Come see the fashions and see Paradox Messmer model their latest. The hair and shoes will be new and available at Menswear Fashion Week.

1st Outfit 
Hair: Scott II by Atro Patena (exclusive release for Menswear Fashion Week)
Shirt and Pants: Inner Kingdom (mesh) by Shiki Designs (exclusive release for Menswear Fashion Week)
Necklace: Kimera by MANDALA
Bracelets: Infinity by KOSH
Shoes: Huxley brown by Jeepers (exclusive release for Menswear Fashion Week)

2nd Outfit 
Hair: Arsen by Atro Patena (exclusive release for Menswear Fashion Week)
Hairbase: Tribe 8 by MADesigns
Makeup: Party all night/indifference by [mock]
Jacket: Velvet Elvis Rising Sun sculpted biker jacket by Faster Pussycat
Shirt: Velvet Elvis "Muerto" top by Faster Pussycat
Necklace: Byatis Bliss by A:S:S
Shoes: Russell red by Jeepers (exclusive release for Menswear Fashion Week)

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