Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get the Funk Out

I finally got to shoot at one of my favorite venues today at The Final Curtain. This place is great you have to see the rock gothic theater, great textures and a punk build for sure. I try to get there and even joined the group to see more stuff there. DJ BCreative Wilde and her partner own the place and I know she does a blog @ Final Curtain. I was channeling Jimi, Lenny Kravitz, and Link from the Mod Squad I think in this outfit. I love the retro feel the jacket has from ChicZafari and the jewelry from Mandala is a good add on the neck and hands as well. I am def going to incorporate this hair and beard from Aibeat more often as well.

Pie is Wearing:

Skin - Prodigal Kai
Ears - Mandala Steking v3
Hair - Aibeat Oyaben
Beard - Aibeat
Jacket - ChicZafari
Pants -   [*RG*]  Smoker Jeans
Lip - Rozoregalia Lip Pierce
Eyebrow - Rozoregalia type 1 Blk
Necklace - Mandala Smexy Tie
Hand - Mandala Sirna Nail
Glasses - K-gs Mercy

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