Saturday, May 18, 2013

At The Final Curtain with INFI Graves

Sometimes there is nothing to an outfit other than how we accessorize it. A boring outfit can come alive with the right touches and without even a shirt, Infi has put something together. A bunch of piercings, a full upper-body Tat, a fedora hat, and some fly pants, done deal. INFI and I went to my latest cool spot "The Final Curtain" for a little shoot and here is what we came back with. I lost a bunch of pictures after this ....But I felt these were good to post. Thanks for you outfit INFI.

INFI is wearing...

Skin - Bellezza - Jonas - Sunkissed
Hair/Fedora Combo - Entente - Odion
Pants - Fruk - Bio Tech Purple
Shoes - [JP]: dsg. - Sneaker Varial Low V3
EarringsRozoregalia - Nornir
Nose Pierce - FNKY!
Lip - [IC] Piercing   - Strattum
Nipples - Pekka - Sex Symbol
Bracelet - Rozoregalia  - Nornir
Necklace - KRASH - Skull and Dagger
TAT - B*Fly - Bass Down Low

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