Saturday, June 22, 2013

SecondPride Celebrating June 14-24

Its not too late to lend your support to PR1D3 and celebrate diversity SL style. I showed up today to dance to DJ Regimade (Regi Yifu)and was met by over 69 avatars. Too many to even make my computer see anything but grey avatars!  The music was fun, the atmosphere was very festive and the designers and creators were all set up for vending. I got to shop a bit later and saw a fashion show and have to admit I have a few things to blog about very soon. The outfit I have on here is from 69 Park Ave A nice tank and fashionable boot-shoes, and special Pride hat All made for SLP(The headphones compliments of Regi Yifu).

Pie is wearing:
Shape - JLB - Jon
Skin - Prodigal - Kai Medium
Beard - Unorthodox  - Full Beard
Tat- Boss - A way of life
Pants/Tank -  69 Park Ave - SLP
Boot-shoes-  69 Park Ave - GQ White Boots

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