Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Military at The Legion Project

I love Deco for their great textured items. The detail and quality of design made it hard not to buy all the boots in the store. There are men and women's items there but for me, the boots and the military gear are exceptional. I matched up some gear and went to one of my favorite designed places in SL The Legion Project. The Legion Project is art from the word go with tasty textured buildings and landscapes, to the preforming stages of open-mike style. There is a gallery there which is where I took these shots. You really have to come here to see the quality for yourself. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch some musical talent while you are here.

Pie is Wearing:
Skin - Nivaro - Dan - MD Beard Edition
Hair Base - Hot Dive - Expansion HB
Beard - Unorthodox  - Full Beard
Tatto -Freaks and Geeks- Lucky Mofo
Hat - Deco - Officers Cap Navy
Vest - Deco - Camp Vest (Gravel)
Fatigues - Deco - Camp Fatigues (Gravel)
Necklace - Deco - Shells of War
Glasses - Deco - Aviator (Nam)
Boots - Deco - Camp Boots (Gravel)

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