Thursday, August 1, 2013


We are glad to have Paradox Messmer back @ Eye On The Grind but this time in DJ capacity.  Dox has been on our blog twice now in the model form but now as a DJ/music lover and with his DJ nickname "MEATBOY" firmly in place. We are glad to have his time today. Here is his interview...

Meatboy at Mad Pea Sim

Are you DJing currently and where? The Velvet Tuesdays 7-9pm SLT, and The Rubb Saturdays 7-9pm SLT.

When did you start DJing? Way back in late 2008. Christ on a Communion Wafer, I've been at this too damn long.

First Club? The Norvern Monkey It was a great club with a friendly, goofy atmosphere and where I could get away with playing lots of postpunk and new wave. Britpop and Britrock was also a favorite there. The owner left SL unfortunately, and she was a good friend and great DJ: Therese Slade.

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing? There were once robots, demons, crossdressers, furries, and ladies in latex all in one room. And this was at an indie club. Oh and another epic time was when everyone was wearing disco penises with multi-coloured flashing lights. These are the kinds of known happenings when I DJ, troo fax.
Meatboy and flying Meat

Favorite music? Post punk, new wave, punk and indie of all kinds with a preference for lyrically driven, introspective, melodic singer/songwriters and bands, and also I lean a lot toward the rock genres \m/, like garage, psychedelic and roots rock. Rock on. I also dig plenty of danceable electro and synthpop with vocals  (ex: Presets, Ladytron, Hot Chip).

Influences? Brian Eno, Fad Gadget, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Klaus Nomi, Robyn Hitchcock, Lux interior, Tom Waits, David Byrne, Syd Barrett, Siouxsie Sioux, Peter Murphy and too many others to name.

What do you listen to at home? Pretty much everything I spin in SL at my sets, but some things that I don't are soundtrack music, scores, and ambient stuff.

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set? Well, I do have a couple of ones I could possibly pull out when it's short notice but generally if I have to fill in at the last minute I like to just like to make it up as I go along, improvise, fly by the seat of my pants (and it's a good thing I have some parachute pants leftover from the 90s).

When can we hear you DJ usually? The Velvet Tuesdays 7-9pm SLT,  and The Rubb Saturdays 9-11pm SLT.

Cream and sugar or black? Just sugar by itself. No coffee. Put that sugar on my tongue, gimme gimme gimme some...

Cat or Dog? Birds!

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it? My flying saucer that abducts people or my flying sausage that I ride around on. Why? Uh, because you can freakin abduct people, it'd be good to collect specimens for my hybridizing mutant experiments er I mean you know for parties, to get people to come to my house parties. And the sausage? You know why. I'm Meatboy.

Best SL Memory? Probably my GLBT Pride event at my now retired club Soundproof, but it ties with my huge 2 day fundraiser for the Africa famine at the Velvet.

Thanks for your time Dox! Now get out there and hear him spinning and enjoy yourself!

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