Sunday, August 4, 2013

Floundering Around SL

Floundering around SL

We haven't done any blog meme's in the past but Berry's Bucket List Challenge has captured our attention. Our friend Dulcie Mills posted her bucket list meme on her "Dulcie's Destinations" blog site and we decided to give it a try! SL is such a great platform for art, creating, friendship, and interactions that it was easy to dream big with this. So as we hang off the fish in the picture, maybe its time to stop floundering around and be more enterprising and challenge ourselves!

Verde's Top 5
  1. Have a full sim Art Gallery/Museum/Learning Center complex much like Campus D'Art. I just learned about Campus D'Art from this wonderful and sad tribute to Cecilia Delacroix by Melusina Parkin. I am really touched by her story and it reminds me once again that SL and RL are not forever. I think that is what inspired me to do this challenge.
  2. DJ at least once, maybe even at one of my fave clubs like The Velvet or Alt7. You know we love DJs and music. I enjoy making playlists for myself but I have been too shy to share them with many people. I would love to just be brave and see what happened.
  3. Make something in mesh. I took the first step today and visited the Full Perm Fair -- today is the last day! SLURL
  4. Go to a poetry open mike and read one of my poems. I guess I should try writing some new poems too.
  5. Be involved in a successful SL business. I have always been fascinated by SL businesses and would love to learn more about what it takes to make it happen first hand.
Piedmont's Top 5   
  1. Build/create a club with a theme that is low maintenance to run and DJ there. I am inspired by the desire as a musician myself to play music I like and share it.
  2. Be a successful model without even modeling. OK! So we share a blog that has lots of fashion and posing and click-click from the camera but I want to feel like I'm a model. 
  3. Have a group of friends that all have unique SL skills as mesh/script/animations and create things. I love the connectivity of peoples efforts together and think the possibilities would be fulfilling to me.
  4. Have a business in SL where I design the clothing, skin, jewelry, and accessories that is good enough to gain respect from peers. Verde somewhat inspired me but I really like getting to a store that has everything that I like and looks high quality, I would love to have the talent to do that.
  5. Have a public sim that is attractive to the eye and keep the look flowing through seasons. We had a few homestead sims before but never a full sim to create on. I would absolutely love to have the time to do the creating of it and have a beautiful sim to roam around! 
Pose Prop: Weather or Not - The Moon Flounder

Floundering around SL
Pie chasing Verde - happens all the time :)

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  1. Great bucket lists, guys. Thanks for linking to my blog. I also love the flounder photo - lol.