Saturday, August 3, 2013

Endless Summer

As I scanned through all of the outfits at the boys of summer fair I noticed I wasn't that big a beach guy. I guess with SL we go through our stages with the giant palm trees, the artificial waves and surface break that I am not really into it as I once was. I did find some items that I made for a more current mesh swim suit just in time for the Velvet's swim party. The set was designed/built by Dammi Quan (Mot sure if others helped here sorry!) and is still up if you'd like to go!

Piedmont is Wearing:
Skin - SAAL - DWYN - Tone 5
Hair - EEP - Hair NO 6 Black
Beard - Unorthodox  - Half Goatee/prim beard/tat layer
Chest Hair - Eddesign - Natural look #7
Feet - SF Designs - Mens Beach Shoes with Toes (Hud)
Swim Suit - DROP - Summer Shorts Mint
Glasses - Anatomy - Transfix
Tattoo - Zentro  - Music

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