Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mad in the Rain

I caught up with my man Recidivist Sideways "Tybalt the Mad" or as he is known mostly "Mad" and we got some sots in before it opened up and we got soaked! Its a good thing its SL and that Mad was wearing his FATEwear jacket as it seemed to keep high 'n' dry.
The mesh outfit is great and the INK hair/hat combo is bad as well. Thanks for taking time with us Mad!

Mad is wearing:
Skin: James (MD Beard Edition) - Nivaro
Shape: Custom
Eyes (Regular Shots): Thunder Eyes (Silver) - Dead Apples
Eyes (Closeups): Stained (Dark Gold) - Nomine
Makeup: Skull Facepaint (Face & Nails) - Schadenfreude
Hair: Chignon (Coal) - INK
Earrings: Macabre Set (Silver Black) - lassitude & ennui
Coat & Tie: Dante (Volcano) - FATEwear
Shirt: Dante (Void) - FATEwear
Pants: Smith (Volcano) - FATEwear
Gloves: Biker Glove (Black) - Grasp {group gift}
Shoes: Wingtip Brogues - Kauna

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