Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuck your shirt in!!

I got this outfit at Mens Dept in July and really love that it purposely has the front of the shirt hanging out. That suit coat outfit is from 22769 [Homme] and has a formal yet casual feel to it. I like outfits that keep the script count down and are easy to put together, as some of the suits I wear can have many items by the time I am done with it. The shoot was done at one of my favorites of all classy time...The Mercury Room. My friend and club owner (Name drop alert!!!) Owl Sweetwater has a classy, swanky, art deco jazz club that I love to go use for such outfits. Go check the club out and I hope you like this outfit.

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Piedmont is Wearing:
Skin - Nivaro - James - MD Beard/Hair
Shape - Own
Eyes - PC  - Jaded Wet Sand
Hair - UwSt - David Hair
Jacket/Shirt/Pants - 22769 - Rob Suit Coat Black
Shoes - Innuendo  - TEO Black Formal Shoes

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