Thursday, August 29, 2013

Visiting the Bronx...@ Mad City

I have seen dozens of posts done at Mad City and instantly recognize it every time. I guess because it reminds me of parts of the Bronx where I lived for a few years and the sim evokes that from me. I love the feel of the sim and the windlight they use there but decided to black and white as it feels like an old place to me. There is also a rainy part of the sim that looks great with the bubbling ground animation. I saw an umbrellaed SL resident (Dawnia Donogal) in the background of a few shots I took (you can see her in the background) and as I got closer asked if she would be in a closer shot. Dawnia was nice enough to hang out with her umbrella open and provide information on her outfit as well! I love SL for all the incidental things, the spontaneous things that happen that truly mock life's unpredictable moments. Here is the shoot.
Mad City
Mad City Rain

Mad City

Piedmont is wearing:
Skin - Prodigal - Kai Medium
Shape - Own
Eyes - PC  - Wet Sand
Hair Base - Pelle - Shaved with Basette
Hat - Gabriel ::GB:: - Black Hat
Jacket - L&BSwear - Classic leather with shirt
Jeans - Entente - Au Fait Jeans
Shoes - [*RG*]  - Walkers, Black
Necklace - Feel - Claw Chain
Tattoo - Ink'd Up - Ducasse

Dawnia is wearing:
Dress - Hucci
Boots - [Gos]
Umbrella - TBF (Shop on Mad City Sim)

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