Monday, February 25, 2013

Loose on the Court

Feeling a bit athletic I take time to express some stylish gear and really work some orangeness! I have these pants from Miamai and have been dying to work them in somewhere. It was fun throwing together some style and color and will be fun trying this with other colors. 

Piedmont is Wearing:

Skin -  KAI - Medium Bald Stubble
Ears - Mandala - Plug Hole Size 4 (With Hud)
Eyes - ID - Brown (Mesh)
Chest Hair - Eddesign - Natural look #7
Hair - Lamb - Eraser-head - Butterfinger (and Hair base)
Sleeve Tattoo-  Mortality - Dragon Sleeve (Faded)
Face Tattoo - Nuuna - Neuro,Orange
Clothing - 
Jersey - So Official - @nthony
Pants - Miamai - Arabia Jersey Orange
Sneakers - Insanya - Dunkers Mid Shoes Orange Star
Jewelry - 
Bracelet - Chop Zuey  - Margherita on my mind
Necklace - Chop Zuey -Pieces  

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