Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Interview with Enthropy Panache

DJ Enthropy Panache at the Velvet

I got to catch DJ Enthropy the other week and remember her from other venues and of course the notices in world! Enthropy played a very inspired set at the Velvet when I was there and I think when you read her interview you will see that she is totally into the feelings of her music. Chek out what Entropy said.... 

Are you DJing currently and where?  Yes, I DJ regularly at The Velvet. There are some other places I spin as a guest every now and then too, but that's a pretty tight schedule for me already. I want to be well prepared for my sets. No half-assed attempts, absolutely no playlisting. It's all about quality over quantity for me.  

When did you start DJing?  That was in November 2010, if I remember correctly. I was quite a “noob” back then and I hadn't really considered DJing before, but I was talked into it by some good friends of mine. Their support was and has been a very important thing for my development.  

First Club?  Suite 15 in a teen-sim called Undercity, which doesn't exist anymore. This may come as a surprise to many of my recent followers, but I started as a Drum'n'Bass and Dubstep DJ. I still sometimes visit dance music clubs and I still love the more subtle styles of bass music.  

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing?  I mostly see with my ears only when I'm DJing. I try to do my best dividing my time between mixing and socializing, but it's rather obvious what the priority is. Often there's a lot happening on the dance floor when I'm not looking. One that comes to mind now is my former boss and colleague Paradox Messmer, who always wore those outrageously cool outfits. I think my fav was the massive hairdo with a refrigerator in it.  
Enthrophy Panache getting down At Velvet

Favorite music?  I don't really have genre limits. Sure, there's stuff I like and stuff I don't, but the more I've familiarized myself with different styles, the more I've come to realize it's not so much about what you play, but when and where. I'm pretty certain there is some good music in any genre, one just has to be curious and take time to find it. Any music that gives me what I need; one that has the feeling of authenticity and makes my heart pump can become a favorite. I'm drawn to darkness and melancholy in music, but that doesn't have to be the only aspect.   Influences?  Oh my, that's such a broad question, there are so many! I grew up listening Black, Death and Doom Metal. After that I have had intense periods of Ambient, Jazz and all sorts of electronic dance music. I've always appreciated Punk, especially the live gigs, and always listened my share of Classical music. My hunger for Goth, Post-Punk and Darkwave has been steadily growing since my early teens, and I'm really heavily into that stuff right now. Some of my most permanent musical influences are The Doors, Nico, Kraftwerk, Alice Cooper Band, Joy Division, the Black Metal albums of Beherit, the first four albums by The Cure, Sopor Aeternus, Arvo Pärt, Björk and Grimes. Apart from music I love any art form with a fair share of surrealism, horror, existentialism or cyberpunk in them. Themes like love, sadness, sex, death and religiousness are the bread and water for me, and very deeply felt.   What do you listen to at home?  I'm not a casual listener any more. My mind is constantly working on musical structures as I'm planning my future sets, even if they never get completed. I see it all as a learning process. What I'm listening the most right now is probably early 80's Post-Punk and modern Dream-Pop and Chill-Wave.  

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set?  Yes, my first Post-Punk set has exactly the right kick to be the perfect example of what I mostly do these days. I also save all my sets and may replay the best of them when I see fit. Or I may end up reworking them completely anything goes, basically. Most of the time, however, I'm working on 10 new things simultaneously. I'm really anal about my sets, and would rather not play them at all than play them unfinished.  

When can we hear you DJ usually?  I'm on air at The Velvet every Tuesday from 11 am 'till 1 pm SLT. Any other times and places I usually announce in my personal group. It's best to ask for an invite if you want to stay informed.  

Cream and sugar or black?  As black as it gets, thank you. But I still want a spoon.

Cat or Dog?  I'm a dog person at heart, but I get along with kitties as well. Or bunnies, for that matter. But not so well with horses, fishes or lizards. And elephants are too big for my house and poop too much. Ok, next question.  

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it?  Hmmm, a titler above my head could be handy. "Piss off, I'm bussy workin".  

Best SL Memory?  Everything comes down to the feeling of being loved, doesn't it?  

Thanks for the interview Enthropy! Get out and catch her at the Velvet and have a great listening experience!!

Photos by Pie Cartauld

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