Monday, April 15, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Interview with Frequency Picnic

The talented DJ Frequency Picnic at the Velvet
I have been to a few of Freq's sets and am amazed at the variety and ability to surprise me! I see Frequency Picnic at the Velvet and she is one of those DJ's that makes me wright down the bands she is playing because I want to hear the songs and the band. I am glad we caught up with Frequency and here is what she said.....

Are you DJing currently and where? Yes! At the Velvet, 5-7 Thursdays.   

When did you start DJing? 2007, I think?  Darn Darwin got me a gig at the Velvet. I slaved away at the early shift a couple-three years then Astrud fired me, lol. Luckily, Maht asked me back.  

First Club?  That'd be the Velvet.  

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing? Holy crap, I have no idea. I play for the Hobos and Lollygaggers a lot, so I'm likely to see just about anything. Oh!  Once we made a big pile of sheep and giant candy at F.A.B. I often rez farm animals when I'm bored and there's no crowd.   

Favorite music? I dig stuff with really clever lyrics. Or clever-stupid, you know? Like Camper Van Beethoven and Jonathan Richman and Trip Shakespeare. I lived in Minneapolis in the 90s, so I have a soft spot for some classic and obscure bands from that part of the country. Lately I'm into bluegrass and music from southeast Asia. If it's got both a banjo and a farfisa organ in it, I'll audibly squeal.

Influences? Barely Texan and Mary Lucia, an amazing radio DJ from Minneapolis (and Paul Westerburg's sister)  

What do you listen to at home? Whatever random stuff I've downloaded to the iPod. Recently it's been SXSW torrent stuff from 2 years ago...  

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set? Nah. I have certain songs I'll play for certain people if they show up.  (Inga Wind, I'm looking at you and playing ABBA...) I try never to play the same song two shows in a row unless I'm really obsessed with it.   

When can we hear you DJ usually? The Velvet 5-7 Thursdays, and Lollygagger Lane at random times and days.  

Cream and sugar or black? Yes.  

Cat or Dog? Cats. I have two. They drive me crazy.  Well, crazier.  

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it? A teleporter. Because I hate to commute to work.  

Best SL Memory? Well I used to drink a lot, so a bunch of memories got killed off with those brain cells. But I don't think I ever laughed so hard as the time one early morning on the F.A.B. roof playing onigokko with a bunch of people dressed as eggplants.  

Thank you for the interview Freq and come out to hear her at the Velvet and hear the tunes for yourself.

Photos by Pie Cartauld

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  1. I cannot imagine, for even a moment, how I could influence Freq. Despite listening to her about a gajillion times, she still makes my jaw drop. There is simply no DJ out there like her. No one.

    Oh, and Freq was one of the reasons F.A.B. succeeded. She made the club better, not the other way around.