Saturday, April 13, 2013

DJ Exclusive: Interview with Paolla Flux

DJ Paolla Flux up-close and personal
Verde and I remember catching Paolla at her old club The Pour House (RIP) and had very great punked out times there! I recently took some time to visit the Legion Project and caught up with Paolla
and we spoke about her new shared venture at the Legion Project and how it is for her to be grabbing the stream again. Here is what Paolla said.

Are you DJing currently and where? Ocasianaly yes. At  openstages mostly. Normaly at Legion  

When did you start DJing? Oh i had to! About 3 years ago I didnt have much choice. When I was given the ownership at the Pour House was a difficult time for the place, and we didn't have many djs, so me and my then business partner, the lovely Leela Deanimatour learned to dj, and used to dj for about 6 hours each till the place picked back up again lol  

First Club? Pour House  

Most unusual thing you saw while DJing?  People replacing their outfits with their whole inventory never ceases to amuse me. lol.. it has happened a few times and still one of my favorite sl phenomenons followed by accidental gesture triggering at awkward times :D  

Favorite music?  I used to listen to punk/rock/blues/classic music only... But the last 2 years i have re-discovered electronic music(that i left behind with the raves when i grew up, lol) mainly cause of second life. Its amazing what those producers and live mixing djs do out there. So i suppose i cannot list favorite genres anymore. Just good music. Ill love it from classic symphony to spoken word, if done right   

Paolla Flux
Influences? The Doors, The Rolling Stones,  Dylan, Cazuza (Brazilian)O Rappa (Brazilian), Queen, The Who, The Clash, Bowie, Etta James, Queens of the Stone Age, Amy Winehouse. Those guys made me who I am. When you say influences, i think of whos music changed me inside, as in, who said something in a lyric that i do not believe I would ever know or seen it that way if they didn't write it and shared it with us.   

What do you listen to at home? Hmm lately?Home alone is more of a girly mode for me I suppose.  If you asked what I listen to at my car this would be very different, but... at home, Measure, Carla Bruni, Boy, Charli XCX, Youth, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, CSS... Is either that or one of Evil Laa's recorded  mixes of electronic music. Besides that i have a vynil collection with all my olsdchool s. Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Stooges, Bowie, Siouxie, Etta, Audrey, Barry White, Led,Queen, Cash, Who, Clash, Kinks, Hendrix, T-rex, etc... yeah.. all of it. But lately I dont mess with it too much cause it makes me sneeze a lot when i do! lol And yes I will consider hiring someone to clean them properly  

Do you have a regular set you play, a “go to” set? No, if you see a notice you better hurry!  

When can we hear you DJ usually? Weekends, around 3-7 PMish  

Cream and sugar or black? Cream and sugar  

Cat or Dog? 2 cats and a dog   

If you could take one thing from your inventory for real-life use, what would it be, and why pick it?  Aaaw id take Mr Snowy and Mr Nacho, my lil sl dog and cat that i have since my first month in here. You can see them running around Stage One at Legion. :)   

Best SL Memory? Meeting the man that changed my life and made me believe in myself and humanity again.  Hey, thank you Pie and Verde for your interest in knowing a bit more about my music background and some about me as well. Hope answers were clear enough, lovely blog btw, congrats  

Please support the very open-mic'd legion project and come and keep yopur eyes on the notices for Paolla Flux ...I know I am!

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