Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have been having fun with this look and keep finding more ways to express what I'm feeling through some new and old items. I like to sport the jerseys and find that the mesh tank-top in SL can be this big tent that does not touch the body, or there are lots of peek-a-boos with body parts coming through. This particular one does not even have an alpha and is not liquid mesh, so I guess I got lucky!. The funny thing about this outfit is whenever I "TP" anywhere with this on, I appear to be naked to everyone but me!! So buyer beware, or just have some fun with it!

Piedmont is Wearing:
Skin - SAAL - DWYN - Tone 5
Eyes- SAAL - Red-Brown Eyes
Hair base - Hot Dive - Expansion
Teeth - PXL Creations - Open Mouth Pro Teeth V1.3
Beard - Unorthodox  - Full Beard Freaked (Tat layer and prim)
Chest Hair - Eddesign - Natural
Shirt/Shorts - Meli Lmako - Mesh Jersey and Shorts (MP Only)
Shoes - Red Cat - Mesh Sneakers MK8
Hat - Red NY Cap  - (MP Only)
Glasses - SORGO - Old Timers Black
Tattoo - Boss - A new way of life
Hand Jewelry - Mandala - Sirna Nails Samuair Black
Necklace - Mandala - Sirna Samurai Black

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