Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eye on our groups

Eye on our groups

Pie and I wanted to participate in Berry's group meme this week. We know it was almost a week ago but for some reason this post had taken a while to write. In my case, it inspired a lot of thinking about groups and what they mean to me. Oh, and I finally got to Collabor88 and got some cool stuff. 

1. Have you reached the 42 group limit?   
Pie: Yes. 
Verde: I currently have 41 groups but all this group talk has made me re-evaluate all my groups and the list may look very different in a few weeks ;)

2.  Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? 
Pie: Yes. The only reason I hop groups is because of the freebies. There are groups that have good freebies and if my groups are full I have to rearrange.
Verde: I haven't had to lately. When we just had 20 I was jumping around all the time. I had a few jobs and had to be in groups for my jobs and that didn't leave many slots left. 

3.  What makes you want to join a group? 

Pie: If I know the person or I like the product or I like what the group stands for.
Verde: For stores I usually just join the subscribo group. I join the regular group to become part of a community or if there are some additional benefits to joining the group like interesting or helpful chat.

4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? 
Pie: I have limited VIP membership but have joined 3 pay groups out of 42. The amount and quality of the "gift" was worth the Lindens. 
Verde: I have joined on or two but I usually prefer to just buy the products I like. 

5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.
Pie: I belong to quite a few music groups from my friends that are musician and own clubs, the Alternate Music Informer tracks many of the venues where we go to listen to new music and socialize. I belong to quite a few men's fashion stores that I like and would tell anyone to join what you feel you like. Every group I am in I look closely when a new one looks good to join! I tend to leave groups where the IM chat keeps continually blots my screen too!
Verde: My favorite groups are ones that link me to communities that I care about. "Alternative Music Informer" is a great group to find out where great indie music is being played. I came to SL as a library student and still love being part of "Librarians of Second Life." I keep in touch with old friends and learn about library related events. Finally, I love keeping up with art in SL so "SL Art" is an active group with announcements about upcoming gallery openings and other art related events. 
Eye on our groups

What Piedmont is wearing:

Skin - Labyrinth - Silver Skin Medium Day Stubble
Shape - JLB - Jon - Modified
Hair - EEP - Hair 006
Hair Base - EEP - Male Blacks Tint-able
Eyes - PC  - Wet Sand
Eyeshadow - Red Sand - Eye Shade Full Eyes Covered
Facial Hair - Aphotic Gloom - Stache #3


3 Piece Suit - Kauna - Tweed Harris Check (Mesh)
Shoes  - Kauna - Wingtip Brogues - Color change


Neck Tat - Trailerstar - Nautical Star
Earrings - Chop Zuey - Diamond Earring Posts Gold
Glasses - K_gs Kumaki Glasses Style  - Boston 1.03

What Verde is wearing: 

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Jaded Eyes - Dusk
Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Fall ebb
Hair: Lamb - Bernice - Snickers - Collabor88
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Shape: my own

Dress: fashionably dead - Long Tweed Box Coat and Skirt - Collabor88
Shoes: [elikatira] Move pumps - Java

Wedding ring: EarthStones - Eternity Bridal Set - platinum
Glasses: Solar - Arae

Drafting Table - Standby Inc 

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